Stay Gilded, Pilot.

Gilded Pilot is a series of product families, from housewares to wearables. We like visually rustic design with an emphasis on sci-fi and pattern-based elements.

Gilded Pilot is committed to product conscious design and the makers hand.
This means that:
- Handmade items are made to order, one-of-a-kinds, or in small "limited run" quantities.
- All ceramic items are food safe, unless otherwise noted.
- Our goal is to purchase consumer goods to "reuse and upcycle" for all our products. These items are hand picked for top quality at secondhand stores.
- Sometimes new consumer goods are purchased to create a Gilded Pilot product.
- We will always note on an item page how the product was created and/or where it was sourced. This includes making note of original producers, if known.

Who benefits from product conscious design? Everyone!
This system enables Gilded Pilot to provide a range of products for sale at different price levels. Using secondhand items cuts production costs, so you, the buyer, are just paying for the design by Gilded Pilot - at the price that you can afford.